Mudbound Release Official Teaser + Mary J.Blige Talks About Heartbreak Helping Her Get Into Character

Mudbound is officially coming to Netflix and select theaters this Fall. The independent film is directed by Dee Rees with a star-studded cast: Jason Mitchell (Detroit), Garrett Hedlund (Four Brothers), Carey Mulligan (Shame), Jonathan Banks (Community) and Mary J. Blige (Singer). The movie is about two families, one black and the other white, working the Mississippi Delta post-World War II. Mary J. Blige talked about tapping into her own hurt to help her play her role as Florence Jackson.

"I used a lot of my own heaviness from my own misery that I was living in that horrible marriage," Mary tells Variety. "I was just dying in it. I knew something was wrong. I just couldn't prove it. I just had all the heaviness of not feeling right, not feeling good. I gave it to Florence."

The film is set to hit Netflix and select theaters on November 17th.