Tika Sumpter Joins John Legend For 'Black Wall Street' Series

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Tika Sumpter will join forces with John Legend to shed light on another untold story from black/American history: Black Wall Street. The project will also be produced by Legend's Get Lifted FIlm Co. Partners, Ty Stiklorious and Mike Jackson. 


The rise of Black Wall Street started in the early 1900s located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The community was a special place for black business to thrive and their idea was to circulate black dollars within the community. Black Wall Street consisted of black owned schools, businesses, theaters, banks and more. With so much economic success as a community during that time also came hatred from white mobs who later came and destroyed the entire community. The Tulsa riot became the largest massacres of black citizens in America. 

 According to sources, the series is in its early pre production stages and will air on WGN.