Cher and Future Collab In New Fall GAP Ad

The GAP strives to bring cultures together with the icon Cher and Future in their new 'Meet Me In The Gap' campaign. The teaser was directed by Director X and Future express how important the message is behind the campaign. 

“There was a great dynamic when working with Cher and we felt like we were doing something so much bigger than the two of us,” said Future via a press statement. “Gap is not only bringing two cultures together but bringing everyone together through the music and the style. It’s really about everyday people.”

Before doing the campaign, Cher explained how she did not even know who Future was but even still she loved the idea.

 “I love the idea of ‘Meet Me in the Gap’ because it’s easy to have common ground if you are really open and curious to people from different cultures,” she said via a press statement. “I didn’t know who Future was before this but I knew it would be so fun to work with someone who is completely unlike me, and who is young, really talented and striving.”

The official launch of the campaign is set to take place on September 18.