Kendrick Lamar Covers Rolling Stone 50th Anniversary Issue & Talks About Being the Best Rapper

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Kendrick Lamar graces the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine as they celebrate their 50th anniversary and he talks about being labeled as the best rapper and what he considers fun. 

“Is it ever OK for a rapper to have a ghostwriter? You’ve obviously written verses for Dr. Dre yourself.
It depends on what arena you’re putting yourself in. I called myself the best rapper. I cannot call myself the best rapper if I have a ghostwriter. If you’re saying you’re a different type of artist and you don’t really care about the art form of being the best rapper, then so be it. Make great music. But the title, it won’t be there.

Do you ever feel like you should be having more fun?
Everybody's fun is different. Mine is not drinking. I drink casually, from time to time. I like to get people from my neighborhood, someone that's fresh out of prison for five years, and see their faces when they go to New York, when they go out of the country. Shit, that's fun for me. You see it through their eyes and you see 'em light up.

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Bria Fachon