Celebrating Black Love In All Black [Bria Fachon's Look Inside]


Over the weekend, my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I know right!!! It's almost unheard of in our world today but that's a whole other story. LOL. We definitely celebrated in style! Check out all the details from my entire look below. 

GOWN $200



The dress I'm wearing is a classic A-line halter gown. I had the dress slightly altered to fit me perfectly. The dress was designed by Dress w+e. Overall, the dress was beautiful it just got wrinkled very fast and I tripped over my train ALLLL NIGHT! So if you like to dance like myself, then this dress probably won't work for you. I thought the dress needed more GLAM, so I added a gold broach. 

Typically, I only use MAC Cosmetics lipstick, however, while shopping at the beauty supply, I came across this BOMB color. It's called "Gianduja chocolate"by NK Makeup. It lasted most of the night before I had to reapply.  




Broach $14.99

These cute little earrings I found at my local beauty supply were only $4.99! They went perfectly with my broach that I added to the dress. DON'T TWEAK ON THE BEAUTY SUPPLY!!! Low Key, they have cute little trinkets that you can finish your outfit off with. 


Earrings $4.99


I hope my fashion finds help you slay at your next event. Thanks for checking out my look!