Mr. & Mrs. LeBron James Featured In September VOGUE Magazine

Vogue Magazine celebrates their 125th anniversary in September and LeBron James and his wife Savannah are featured in it. The lovely couple talked about helping kids in their hometown, Akron, Ohio and then they mentioned how their household operation works. 

“We have a system, and it works very well for our family. And like I always say, there’s no library . . . there’s no philosopher——”
“No book!” says Savannah, laughing.
“No book that can tell you about parenthood,” LeBron continues. “Even your mom, your dad, your grandparents—they can give you pointers, but you have to go along that path on your own because every kid is different; every situation is different. Me and my wife are different, but at the same time we’re the same. I’m gone a lot, so she is the boss of the household; she’s the rule-setter. It’s hard for me to go on the road for two and half weeks and then come home and tell my kids, ‘Look, this is how it should be done’ when she’s been home every day.”
“Yeah,” says Savannah, laughing again, “don’t come home throwing monkey wrenches in the operation! But yes—we have that understanding.”