Bria Fachon's Look at The Expressions of Art Show [DETAILS INSIDE]

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Bria Fachon's Look 

while hosting the Expressions of Art show in Chicago. 

Yesterday, I hosted an art show and I got so many compliments on my entire look head to toe. So I decided to create this blog and spill all the tea on where I got all my clothes, my makeup & hair done.  

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The Dress

is from 2 Cute Clothing. $50

THE PONY was done by Alyssa [IG:Alyssazoe87]. I decided to go with the high top knot bun so the focus can be on my face and jewelry. 

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THE SKIRT is from AKIRA and cost $109. I know you probably giving me hella side eye right now but it's worth it. LOL I say it was worth every penny because I can wear this more than once and many different ways. It's attachable and adjustable!

THE SHOES are from Givona Jolie. 

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       LIPSTICK $21

I had the pleasure of getting my makeup done by a young lady named Jay [IG: Baddgirljay]. She beat my face for me but I insisted that we use this bomb liquid lipstick from MAC called "Uniformly Fabulous." I love it!

The Piece

My jewelry was custom designed by Essexories. [$60]

That's my complete look! Thanks for checking it out!