Lala Anthony: "I'm trying to be an example for other women out there..."

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Lala Anthony is slaying on the recent cover of Latina Magazine's Winter Edition 2017. The TV host and actress shared some life pointers on being a mother, running a business, and her relationship. Lala is known for keeping her married life to Carmelo Anthony very private and she explains in her cover story why it's important not to let the world in on everything that goes on. 

“When you entertain [rumors] you give them power. Only I know what’s going on with my relationship and that’s what matters to me, not what everybody else thinks. I’m trying to be an example for other women out there. You don’t have to feed into the bullshit. Deal with it quietly. When it’s time for the world to know, they’ll know. There’s no strength in playing it out publicly. What am I going to gain from that? I like the high road.”
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Check out Lala's full cover story on Latina's first ever digital edition for free here