Hip-Hop's $80 Million Conscience Covers 'Forbes' 30 Under 30 Issue

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"It's really about failure, not being in fear of that," Kendrick Lamar says. On the Forbes' annual "30 Under 30" issue, Kendrick Lamar lands the cover story as Hip-Hop's $80 Million conscience. In his interview with Forbes, the seven-time Grammy winner talked about his rise to success, his creative process, and being called a conscious rapper. 

"Everybody have they own opinions, but ... I always go back to what 50 Cent said, and it always stuck with me. And when he said it, it made an even more valid point. He said, "We all are conscious, whether you're doing gangsta rap, whether you're doing so-called conscious rap, whether you doing whatever genre you may in because you have a post, you alive and you're telling your true feelings ... these are your true thoughts and you're conscious of them, and you're aware of them. You are conscious, as simple as that." When he said that, that inspired me to not only recognize my own influence on what I have with my people," said Lamar.

Check out Kendrick's entire interview here.