Micheal B. Jordan Is Coming To Marvel's Black Panther

Captain America: Civil War hit the theaters last week. In it's opening week the film had already crossed the $700 million mark. The cast included all the main characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. What made 'Captain America: Civil War' special was the debut of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. 


Ryan Coogler is gearing up to create a movie only about Black Panther. It has just been announced that Michael B. Jordan will be in the upcoming movie. It is rumored that his role will be the villein. Coogler and Jordan have teamed up before in movies like "Fruit-vale Station" and most recently "Creed."The film is currently in pre-production and is set to hit theater February 16, 2018. 

Bria Fachon